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Max Hopper Capacity (Bills)

Max Counting Speed (Bills)


Currency Programming

Bank Grade Bill Counter
  • From $359.99

Core 4 Features:

  • Maximum counting speeds of up to 1,800 bills per minute 
  • Counterfeit detection add-on features available (UV & MG/UV) 
  • Front loading bill counter  
  • Patented emergency stop button
AccuGuard Bill Counter with Dust Cover
  • $419.99

Core 4 Features:

  • Maximum counting speeds of up to 1,900 bills per minute 
  • Single denomination bill counter with two integrated counterfeit detection features (UV & MG)
  • Integrated dust cover protects the user from dust and noise  
  • Patented Emergency Stop Button
Bank Grade Batch Value Bill Counter
  • From $439.99

Core 4 Features:

  • Maximum counting speeds of up to 1,800 bills per minute 
  • Front loading bill counter  
  • Value extension calculates total value of pieces counted per denomination  
  • Three integrated counterfeit detection systems (UV, MG, DD)

About Money Counters

For over 40 years, AccuBANKER has been the leading provider of cash handling solutions. Since 1981, we have been actively providing our customers with exceptional money counting machines. Our counter machine portfolio includes cash room automation solutions with an array of features including counterfeit detection, value calculating, serial reporting and much more. Our secure and reliable money counter machines save our customers time and money, helping our customers keep their cash safe, while decreasing operational and overhead costs.

At its core, AccuBANKER is a technology company; however, the relationships we have with our customers is truly our driving force. We are dedicated to learning about what matters most, providing our customers with exceptional service, peace of mind and the freedom to do more with their business. Learn more about how money counters can help you and your business.

Bill counter machines, also frequently referred to as cash counters, money counters, money counting machines, or currency counters, play a pivotal role in keeping businesses running across industries. As its name suggests, a money counting machine is responsible for counting and sorting bills. Sometimes, these machines also come with counterfeit detection.

Operating a money counter from AccuBANKER is a fairly straightforward process. Simply lay a stack of cash in place. From there, the bill counter pulls each bill through individually. Our mixed denomination bill counters are able to recognize the denomination of each bill and display the total amount in dollars once complete. Additionally, some of our bill counter models are also able to detect counterfeits, such as the following: 

By using bill counters with counterfeit technology, you can both accurately process mixed denominations at lightning speed and alleviate any concerns of counterfeit money.

In addition to bill counters, there are also coin counters, sorters, and wrappers. Countless businesses, such as vending machine suppliers, laundromat owners, and restaurants, still rely heavily on cash and coins. In fact, customers often prefer to pay in cash or use coins when utilizing these services. Accurately counting, sorting, and wrapping coins plays an integral role for these businesses. Coin sorting machines accept a wide range of coins. Once placed in the machine, generally, these coins are arranged according to size, sorted, and separated by their value.

Our bill counters offer accurate money counting services at unparalleled speeds. By using a money counter at your business, you can also prevent costly mishaps. Bill counters are an automatic system that allows your business to quickly and accurately count and organize your cash. Here are a few ways that a money counter can help you and your organization. 

Currency Counting Machines Save You Time

Bill counters save time because they save businesses from costly human errors, leading to more accurate bookkeeping, and, ultimately, more money in the long run. Bill counters can efficiently process and organize more money and different currencies at an exponentially faster rate than a person can. With the ability to reach speeds of up to 1,900 bills per minute, long gone are the days of counting bills by hand. Now, an entire order can be quickly and accurately processed without error. 

Bill Counters Reject Suspected Counterfeit Bills

Counterfeiters are seemingly always looking for a means to bypass existing anti-counterfeit technology. Although AccuBANKER does not guarantee the genuineness or authenticity of a bank note, the counterfeit detection feature helps assess whether a bill is a bank-grade bill or inauthentic. Of the current eight money counters that we offer, all eight models either possess integrated counterfeit detection systems or counterfeit detection add-on features are available: Additionally, AccuBANKER offers separate counterfeit detectors

Devices with built-in counterfeit detection control will deposit any bank notes that seem suspicious, straight into a tray, also known as a reject pocket. The reject pocket ensures uninterrupted counting, which is particularly vital when sorting bills by denomination, batch, face, or orientation. 

Process Different Types of Currencies

In addition to processing and sorting different denominations, with a state-of-the-art bill counter from AccuBANKER, our customers can count bills of different types of currency, such as USD and Euro. When using one of our multi-currency counters, simply adjust the settings to identify what kind of currency you wish to process. 

Increase The Security of Your Business

AccuBANKER’s money counting machines can help customers big and small, handle large amounts of cash with peace of mind. With counterfeit bill detection features, you can rest assured that your cash will be scanned with an array of sensors that detect authenticity. At the same time, our serial recognition features, available on our AB7800 SWITCH Comprehensive Mixed Bill Value Counter and AB7100 Mixed Bill Value Counter machines, can add another layer of security to your business, enabling you to keep track of the serial number of all your bills, helping you keep an ongoing record of the bills coming in and out of your business.

Since 1981, we have been committed to understanding the needs and concerns of our customers, helping businesses big and small save money and time today, so that they can be ready for tomorrow. 

At AccuBANKER, our commitment to delivering a best-in-class customer experience, starts with our products. Built to last, our products automatically include a free, 3-Year, Hassle-Free Warranty. We provide competitive processing delivery times and prices. Order processing is typically completed within 1-2 business days. Although, delivery time can vary depending on the type of shipping service you request. We offer a wide range of delivery options, from next-day delivery to standard shipping times. Our products are of the highest quality, and our prices are on par with market value. Because of our customer service, innovation, constant research and development, and high quality products, we have been able to serve businesses of all sizes for over 40 years.

At AccuBANKER, we know that our customers depend on knowledgeable experts who will listen and support them in navigating the many challenges and complexities facing their businesses today and tomorrow. Reach out to our award-winning customer service team and technical support specialists via live chat on our website, contact form, phone, or email. Contact us today!