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Bank Grade Bill Counter AB4200

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The AB4200 is a heavy-duty bank grade money counter designed for any type of business, ranging from small retailers to large sized stores. This is a user-friendly machine with front-loading capabilities allowing the user to easily add bills while the machine counts them. This saves time and reduces significant losses due human errors during the counting process. This unit is can be equipped with counterfeit detection functions including ultraviolet and magnetic ink detection. The AB4200 provides the user with accurate and adjustable counting speeds as quick as 1800 bills per minute. The user can be notified with a visual and audible alert when double bill, suspicious bill size, and chained bills are detected.


  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Easy-to-use
  • UL Listed
  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Hopper Capacity 300 bills
  • Suitable for paper and polymer bills
  • Variable counting speeds (1200-1500-1800 bills/minute)
  • View counts from multiple positions with external display
  • Dual voltage permits to work from 110 to 220 Volt

3 Models available:
- Basic (No Counterfeit Detection)
- UV (Ultraviolet Counterfeit detection)
- MG/UV (Magnetic and Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detection - recommended for US currency) 


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