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Be preventive with counterfeit detection, protect your bottom line and equip with the latest in counterfeit detection technology.

AB5800 Bill Counter with Batch Value

The AB5800 is a bank-grade multi-currency bill counter with a pre-sorted value calculator suitable for counting paper bills (e.g. USD and EUR) and polymer bills (e.g. GBP, CAD, and MXN).

AB510 Retail Sort & Wrap Coin Counter

The AB510 Retail Sort & Wrap Coin Counter is designed to easily, precisely, and efficiently count, sort, and roll your coins. The AB510 counts coins while organizing them by denomination.

D450 Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector

The D450 Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector checks for authenticity using 5 counterfeit detection methods all in less than a second. Use the D450 to protect your business against counterfeits.