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Why Casinos should use AccuBANKER Money Counters 

Bill and coin counters for the Gambling Industry 

Money counters save time and money by making cash management more efficient. By quickly counting large amounts of currency with accuracy, you will not need to worry about human error resulting in incorrect counts or inaccurate tallies. Be confident in the accuracy of your cash management process while reducing any potential losses due to fraudulent activity. 


Protect your business with Counterfeit Detection 

Casinos need Counterfeit Detection units that are small, easy to use, and portable. 

 In a fast-paced space like casinos, manually validating the authenticity of bills is risky, prone to human error, and time-consuming. Using our detectors, equipped with up to 8 methods of counterfeit detection, the casino's staff can, without previous training, scan bills and determine if they are real or fake. AccuBANKERs' automatic detectors will ensure all cash is authentic before it enters circulation within the casino environment and will allow your customers to know their gambling earnings are authentic. 


Cash handling units Recommended for casinos: 

Value counters
 Value counters machines count mixed bills, sort and face, add their value, and create reports as quickly as 1,800 bills per minute. The ability to do this makes them an ideal solution for casinos, where counting and organizing large amounts of money is a priority. Our bill counters are designed with counterfeit features, adding extra layers of security to your cash handling. 

Coin and chip counters
 AccuBANKER coin counters can count, sort, and pack US coins, eliminating the need for manual processes that can take hours. Save time and reduce errors associated with manual counting that could lead to costly losses, and reduce the time of manually counting chips and tokens thanks to our Universal counter that feature a rugged design and an anti-jamming function. 


Automatic counterfeit detectors Our easy-to-use, battery-operated detectors scan up to 8 counterfeit and security features. With all or a mix of UV, WM, MG, MT, IR, DD, IMG, and CS you will have the security you need when receiving cash. 

Manual counterfeit validators Validate IDs, credit cards, and important documents with ease. Our counterfeit validators work with long-lasting super-bright LED lights and additional features to help you validate the authenticity of whatever it is you're checking 


Having access to accurate money counters and counterfeit detectors is essential for businesses operating within the gambling industry. Our units save time by allowing users to quickly count large amounts of money and provide protection against counterfeiting threats before they enter circulation within the casino.