Who We Are

AccuBANKER is a leading provider of cash handling solutions since 1981. Since then, we have continued to drive value for our clients with an entrepreneurial vision and focus on innovation. We were the first to expand our portfolio of counterfeit detection and cash room automation solutions with products specifically designed for Retailers, Supermarkets, and other industries. We strive to bring our clients the technology and processes previously limited to a few financial institutions.

As an Industry Leader with over 40 years of experience, we are committed to helping our clients secure their cash while decreasing their cost to manage it. AccuBANKER’s approach and expansive line of solutions aim to help our clients in all their cash handling related activities. Our products are built to protect clients from the latest counterfeiting threats while enabling them to improve the efficiency of their back office.

AccuBANKER is a technology company, but our relationships with our customers and attention to their needs are our driving force. A device or system alone cannot solve a problem, it takes people who listen and understand. While innovation allows us to grow, our conversations with our customers at every step of the process are what feeds us. Today, we continue to grow our expertise and technology portfolio, with new associates, clients, partnerships, and industry engagements. With a presence in over 45 countries, we have learned to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs and help them meet their goals every step of the way.

AccuBANKER counting machines

Our Products

AccuBANKER is the global industry standard and leading brand of cash handling systems, money counting machines, counterfeit money detectors, and a suite of cash counting & management software solutions. We are constantly pushing the boundaries on cash technology, updating our line and products to stay ahead of the market. With every AccuBANKER product, we want to ensure our customers’ protection and offer a complete solution at affordable prices without ever sacrificing quality.

In doing so, we offer business owners, organizations, and everyday customers the reliability, accuracy, and speed they deserve in a product. This way, we can alleviate the burden caused by human error while saving time and protecting our clients’ bottom line. Our products provide our clients with a cutting-edge line of defense of their assets while providing peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our entrepreneurial spirit with the latest available technology to constantly push the boundaries of innovation for cash solutions, offer our clients an environment where their needs are heard and their assets secured, and enable clients to diminish the threat of fraudulent acts and losses.

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Our Vision

To uphold the integrity of money globally while protecting individuals and economies alike.

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Our Values

As a multinational corporation, AccuBANKER is responsible for having a positive impact on the global community. AccuBANKER is built on the principles of integrity, respect, discipline, focus, and hard work. We believe in investing in our employees, as well as our products and equipment, to bring value and quality to our customers. Customer satisfaction is earned by providing exceptional quality and support. We believe mutual respect drives lasting relationships, opportunities for growth, loyalty, and a great work environment. We create direct relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers to better understand their needs regardless of size, industry, and culture. Our interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers help us develop familial bonds and personal relationships that go beyond transactions. We are committed to creating a legacy of excellence and innovation in everything we do.

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