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Max Hopper Capacity (Bills)


Max Counting Speed (Bills)

Currency Programming

Bank Grade Bill Counter
  • From $325.00

Core 4 Features:

  • Maximum counting speeds of up to 1,800 bills per minute 
  • Counterfeit detection add-on features available (UV & MG/UV) 
  • Front loading bill counter  
  • Patented emergency stop button
AccuGuard Bill Counter with Dust Cover
  • $379.00

Core 4 Features:

  • Maximum counting speeds of up to 1,900 bills per minute 
  • Single denomination bill counter with two integrated counterfeit detection features (UV & MG)
  • Integrated dust cover protects the user from dust and noise  
  • Patented Emergency Stop Button
Bank Grade Batch Value Bill Counter
  • From $389.00

Core 4 Features:

  • Maximum counting speeds of up to 1,800 bills per minute 
  • Front loading bill counter  
  • Value extension calculates total value of pieces counted per denomination  
  • Three integrated counterfeit detection systems (UV, MG, DD)

Bill Counter

Tangible money is an important financial instrument that gives both consumers and business owners more flexibility and accessibility with their funds. This is especially true in these times of uncertainty where political and economic futures are up in the air. With small businesses making up 99.7% of  U.S. employer firms, keeping count of your bills and coins is essential. 

A new customer shopping physically at the store is looking to get a feel for products and have some questions answered. This is not something easily replaceable with a Zoom call or some interactive AR website, and many people continue to shop in-store to avoid costly shipping and waiting for delivery. Plus, as times get tougher and finances tighten up, scams and identity theft are on the rise which means consumers will look for other ways to protect their pockets.

Hard currency is a surefire way to strengthen your buying power, but it comes with drawbacks that a business owner must account for. With over 85% of U.S. households utilizing more than one payment method, it is crucial for businesses to accept paper money. The risks associated with digital payments outweigh the benefits in many cases, but you must account for the risks present with cash payments, as well, in order to make an informed decision about your own accepted payment methods.

As a new customer, the team at AccuBANKER wants to be certain that you understand all of your choices when it comes to counterfeit detection, how to best count cash, and how to simplify the shopping experience for your cash clients. 

The counting machine was originally used by the Federal Reserve Bank to increase efficiency. From the 1920s to about the 1980s the equipment stopped after a set number of bills had been counted. Later came a high-speed counter enhanced by microchip technology to count more bills faster and introducing the ability to detect fake bills automatically in some models.

AccuBANKER has provided industry leading money counting machines and counterfeit detectors at affordable prices for over 40 years. Our equipment is accurate, and fast saving you time, eliminating human error, and helping you work smarter.

As a business owner, you save on processing fees with bills and coins, avoid delays or holds on payments, and accepting cash (while using a bill counter) ensures your customers have options. Running your company requires effective time management to maximize your bottom line, and loading bills into a counter is much faster than manually counting. Our bill counters function neatly and effectively, so all you have to worry about is running the operations and loading more money into the machine. Additionally, counters help to eliminate human error, which can be costly over time.

Some AccuBANKER bill counters offer mixed denomination counting, allowing you to feed them stacks of bills ranging in value. Select models come outfitted with multi-currency counting for different types of currencies. Any small business owner will enjoy the benefits of using our money counters, from coffee shops to banks to your local hardware store. We are here to help speed up workflow and provide peace of mind, especially when handling tangible money.

Offering shoppers the freedom to shop and pay their way eases their minds as they empty their cart at checkout. Bills and coins reduce costs associated with accepting certain forms of payment. For example, credit card transactions can expose your personal information and make you subject to phishers, scammers, and more, as well as the processing fees you must cover. Also, shopping with hard currency is an easier way to budget and be sure you are in control of your spending habits. Furthermore, cash is non-discriminatory. Everyone has access to cash, but not everyone has established credit.


This past year a lot of businesses were forced to pivot with all the changes due to COVID. Paper money gives reassurances that are much needed during these uncertain times. Shoppers have more control over their budget and feel better spending knowing there are no billing surprises to come with cash transactions. Plus, buying in store means not waiting for shipping after paying for the items in their cart. Tangible currency also cuts fees and digital payment complications for small and large businesses alike. 


Many storefronts have taken to social media networks to promote their brands lately. Some even made the shift to e-commerce and took their experience completely online. However, in recent news, many of these same platforms have been hacked and the data released publicly. This kind of incident continues to happen at an alarming rate thus exposing millions of American’s privacy. Consumers want to avoid targeted ads, spam, and worse. Paying cash does not store or display your information anywhere and keeps your company’s accounting simpler.

Number of Bills Per Minute

To maximize the returns on your investments you want to work faster and smarter. We understand the growing concerns about finances and online banking. Remember, before venturing into any business or making a decision like buying a car, you must account for the tangible assets you have to invest. Loans and lease agreements for instance require substantial down payments to avoid high interest rates. Our machine can count hundreds of bills per minute and select models are equipped with mixed denomination counting.

Counterfeit Detection

Hundreds of millions of dollars in counterfeit bills are circulating America at any given time. The Secret Service provides tips on detecting counterfeits and investigating reports of counterfeit currency. Counterfeit bills cause uncertainty when handling paper money and risk affecting your bottom line. AccuBANKER’s bill counter offers industry-leading technology suited to best meet client needs. We have engineered our automatic coin and bill counter machines to come standard with varying features, which can include batch, note, and counterfeit detection options for you to pick from.

Bill and coin counters perform different functions, but both are necessary tools to achieve the same goal: counting money. The various models we offer have the technology to enhance your businesses’ money handling. A bill counter enables you to quickly and efficiently account for all your cash while minimizing human error. Check out our store online and let us match you with the right money counter for your needs.

Handling Bills

All kinds of businesses can benefit from the efficiency and reliability of our money counters. Our machines process bills quickly and securely, allowing our clients to focus on growing their company. Our industry-leading bill and coin counters boosts your company’s accounting ability, reduces errors, and increases profitability. Count on AccuBANKER’s bill counters to handle your tangible currencies fast and securely. Call today and our team will pair you with the right money counter for your specific demands.

Cash is a strong financial means that all customers enjoy as an option. Counting the number of bills and coins day in and day out from a business is a little more stressful. AccuBANKER bill counters are the best solution to help you count bills fast and securely. 

Our bill counting machines are equipped with as many security features as possible to safeguard your bills as they are counted. This ultimately helps your operations run smoother and keeps you focused on your other day to day operations. With our new line of bill counter products, we can assure you that you’ll spend less time counting paper bills and more time developing and selling your products. Contact us today and talk to one of our representatives about your company’s bill counting needs.