Counterfeit Detectors



  • D470 Automatic QuadScan Counterfeit Bill Detector

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    Core 4 Features:

    • 7 counterfeit detection methods
    • Lightweight detector with optional rechargeable battery for increased portability  
    • Audiovisual pass or fail notification  
    • Multi-orientation / multi-directional automatic feeding system
  • D585 Automatic Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector

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    Core 4 Features:

    • 7 counterfeit detection methods with 3 preprogrammed currencies (USD, EUR, & GBP) 
    • Lightweight detector with rechargeable battery for increased portability
    • Recognizes & adds by denomination to provide totals for each bill counted 
    • Multi-orientation / multi-directional automatic feeding system

Counterfeit Detector

Accepting cash at your point of sale can help you accommodate a wider range of customers, as many US consumers prefer to use cash for a number of reasons. Given the many security issues with cashless transactions, including some high profile consumer data breaches, it comes as no surprise that some customers will always prefer to use fiat currency in a retail environment. While there are many valid reasons for using cash, accepting physical currency will also create some administrative issues that your business will need to account for in order to handle these transactions as best as possible.

AccuBANKER is a company that specializes in providing customers with reliable counterfeit money detectors. We have been dedicated to learning about what matters most, ensuring the safety and security of our valued clients' valuable assets for over 40 years now!

We want to know what matters most so that you can focus on your business without worrying about false bills or other forms of counterfeit money.


Counterfeit money detectors are devices used to identify counterfeit currency. Most detectors use a combination of physical and electronic features to identify counterfeit bills.


They typically work by using a variety of sensors to compare the security features of a note against a reference sample. If the features match, the note is considered genuine. If they don't match, the note is likely counterfeit.

One way this machine works is by detecting the presence of magnetic ink or by using ultraviolet light to detect the presence of fluorescent ink. Magnetic ink is used in real currency, while fluorescent ink is used in counterfeit currency.

Counterfeit money detectors can also use other methods to detect counterfeit currency, such as scanning for the presence of particles, which may not be found in real currency.


Counterfeit bill detectors are a valuable tool for anyone who handles large sums of money. They help to protect the business owner from fraud, and they can also help you avoid becoming a victim of theft. They're also very easy to use - just hold the bill against the detector's surface for a few seconds. Most importantly, they are effective - studies show that 95% of all fake bills are detected using these devices.


AccuBANKER is a world-leader in counterfeit money detection technology, with products used by banks and businesses around the globe. Our detectors are designed to quickly and accurately identify fake bills, helping to protect your business from financial loss and fraud.


We take pride in our quality customer service and gladly address any questions or concerns you may have. Our counterfeit money detectors are top of the line and will help to keep fraudsters away from your business.