Quadscan Counterfeit Detector
  • From $119.99

Core 4 Features:

  • Seven Counterfeit detection methods (UV, MG, IR, WM, DD, Image, Spectrum) 
  • Multi-directional automatic feeding system  
  • Automatic detection in under a second  
  • Audible & visual pass or fail notification
  • $199.99

Core 4 Features:

  • Seven Counterfeit detection methods (UV, MG, IR, WM, DD, Image, Spectrum) 
  • Multi-directional automatic feeding system  
  • Programed for multiple currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
  • Automatic detection in under a second

Counterfeit Detector

Accepting cash at your point of sale can help you accommodate a wider range of customers, as many US consumers prefer to use cash for a number of reasons. Given the many security issues with cashless transactions, including some high profile consumer data breaches, it comes as no surprise that a customer will prefer to use fiat currency in a store. While there are many valid reasons for using cash, accepting physical currency will also create some administrative issues that your business will need to account for in order to handle these transactions as best as possible. 

AccuBANKER provides a suite of equipment intended to help business owners handle physical currency as effectively as possible, including a range of coin and bill counters as well as a variety of counterfeit detectors. Many businesses simply rely on a counterfeit pen or other simple products for an initial check, and often make it a standard practice for every bill over a certain amount to go through a basic security check; however, counterfeit bills continue to make their way into the U.S. economy every day, at the expense of the vendor who accepted the fraudulent money in a transaction. 

When your POS locations are equipped with counterfeit detection technology, verifying the validity of each bill you accept can become a simple process that will help to minimize loss and combat counterfeiters. As the quality of fake bills continues to improve, it is essential that you use the best technology to verify each transaction with ease.

As the name implies, counterfeit detectors are designed to spot fake currency in order to alert the cashier of a counterfeit bill during a transaction. Our products use a combination of features that check for many different red flags of a counterfeit before indicating that you can safely proceed with your transaction. Each detector suits a specific need, so in order to determine whether or not you have found a piece of equipment that will address your security concerns, feel free to contact a specialist to go through our array of detection products. 

Designed and Engineered in the USA

Our menu of counterfeit detectors have different price points to account for the needs of each customer while providing trustworthy and effective counterfeit detection on the spot. Depending on the detection product you ultimately choose, you will have an array of technologies working to get you the peace of mind you deserve, including UV detection, infrared scanning, length detection, multi-currency options, and more. If you need to scan IDs, passports, or other important items and documents, we have a detector available that will address those needs. 

Historically, businesses would use a pen with iodine ink that would react to wood-based paper and leave a dark streak, but would be colorless on the linen or cotton paper that US currency is made from. While effective in a limited range of applications, counterfeiters may have access to cotton paper that renders this iodine ink useless. Alternately, you may use a handheld ultraviolet light to show the dark UV-sensitive band that runs through all US money except the $1 and $2 bill. However, some “super notes” can get around the UV features as well. 

Cover All Counterfeit Indications At Once

The solution is to start using a counterfeit detector in your store that uses a number of features in tandem in order to rule out the many ways that a professional will avoid detection. These detectors are fast and easy to use, and AccuBANKER offers a number of items to provide the right product for each customer. In order to get a better idea of which of our products is right for you, you can take a look at our available items on our site, or contact a specialist who can help you get a sense of which counterfeit detector suits your unique business needs best. 

The following are just a few of the many questions that our specialists are happy to answer for you about your unique needs. Simply contact us through the chat box or call us now to get started.

Do counterfeit detector pens work?

Counterfeit detection pens account for one specific aspect of counterfeiting: the fact that US currency is printed on a linen and cotton blend, instead of wood-based paper. The pen is a delivery system for an iodine ink that will react to the cellulose in a fake bill, but a clear streak does not mean that you are free and clear. Many counterfeit operations utilize cotton paper in order to bypass this limited detection system. One of the more common methods that counterfeiters use is to bleach real, lower-denomination bills and then printing over the bleached paper to make a $100 bill. The pen does not react to these. 

What is the best counterfeit money detector?

In order to determine the answer to this question, you will first need to account for each specific need that you want to cover with your counterfeit detection equipment. Some businesses accept international currencies or have a menu that requires proof of ID for purchase, so a counterfeit detector that will also verify identification documents may free up valuable time for those situations. Contact our specialists now to learn about the best equipment for your needs without having to search through our many options alone.

Can a black light detect fake money?

A black light will illuminate the clear polyester thread that is embedded into all US bills greater than $2, but detecting this band does not mean that you are free from worry. Some international counterfeiters have highly profitable businesses based on the production and delivery of “super notes” that can fool a variety of detection tools. These issues are mitigated by using detection equipment that uses a range of tools in order to search for all possible indications. 

How do you check for counterfeit bills?

As you search for the range of counterfeit bill detection options, we encourage you to reach out to one of the specialists at AccuBANKER for a free consultation about your unique needs. We offer a number of products that will assist in your detection needs, and you can have them up and running within minutes of delivery.