accubanker d585 multi scanix counterfeit detector
accubanker d585 counterfeit detector with bill rotated left
accubanker d585 counterfeit detector with bill rotated right
accubanker d585 counterfeit detector open - back
accubanker d585 counterfeit detector back view

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Multi-Scanix D585

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  • Identifies, detects, and counts with the latest in multi-currency identification technology for USD, EUR, GBP
  • 4 Way Orientation insertion (insert bill face up or face down)
  • Battery powered for portability (up to 12 hours)
  • Automatic Addition Function
  • Easily updated for new bill releases
  • Automatic Detection in less than 1 sec.
  • On screen report of currency processed
  • 7 Integrated Counterfeit Detection Features (UV / MG / IR / WM / Image / Spectrum / Length)

Go around the world and back again with the multifaceted AccuBANKER D585 Multi-Scanix Counterfeit Detector. This detector has the ability to identify currencies from multiple countries and display their values in multiple languages, so this is a must for international businesses.

(Inter)nationally Friendly

Detect currency languages from USD / EUR / GBP for a wider international reach.

Flexible & Easy-To-Use

The multi-orientation feature makes the D585 a user-friendly detector. An extremely easy and efficient machine, the D585 can immediately verify a banknote, its denomination, and its authenticity. It is equipped with multiple features to confirm the validity of a bill, such as: magnetic ink detection, Infrared detection, ultraviolet detection, and size detection functions among others.


  • Reduces Counterfeit Losses
  • Multi-orientation feeding system (insert bill in any direction)
  • Immediate Banknote Verification
  • Multi Detection (MG / IR / UV / WM / Image / Spectrum / Length)
  • Multi-Currency / Multi-Language Detection (USD, EUR, GBP)
  • Automatic Addition Function
  • On screen report of currency verified
  • Easy to update for new currency releases
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Easy to clean and maintain


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    Customer Reviews

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    El Precio de $ 199 del D585 donde es, (en alguna tienda?) ; Tienen representante en Venezuela ? Donde ?

    Hola Jose Luis, Gracias por mostrar interés en nuestros productos. El detector de falsificaciones D585 está actualmente disponible en nuestro sitio web para ventas basadas en los EE. UU. al conveniente precio bajo de $199.00 (antes del envío e impuestos, cuando corresponda). Tenemos un revendedor en Venezuela que también lleva este producto y puede proporcionar el envío local. Haga clic en el siguiente sitio web para obtener más información y detalles de contacto:
    Excelente equipo

    Muy complacido al recibir mis dos equipo y probarlo con tanta sencillez y eficiencia

    Hola Frank, Muchas gracias por su respuesta! Muy agradecido, esperamos que te siga sirviendo bien. - El Equipo de AccuBANKER
    D585 model

    This is a great machine and it is an upgrade from D580. It is small and compact. Easy to use and like it very much. You can insert the bill in any direction you want. Hassle free!

    Thank you Moses! Happy to hear the D585 is serving you well. - The AccuBANKER Team
    Great Product

    Great presentation, easy user guide, perfect size. Amazing product

    Thank you for your review Nehomar! We're glad the D585 is working out great for you. - The AccuBANKER Staff
    Great machine

    I have bothe this and the 450 and this is easier and feels more secure. Great machine

    Thank you so much for the feedback Jorge, we're glad you're enjoying your D585! Sincerely, The AccuBANKER Team