Bill Counters



  • AB1100PLUS Retail Grade Bill Counter

    Regular price From $279.99 USD
    Regular price Sale price From $279.99 USD

    Core 4 Features:

    • 1 security feature (DD) & 2 additional counterfeit add-ons available (MG/UV)
    • Counting speeds of 1,300 bills per minute
    • Back loading counter with 200 bill hopper capacity
    • Includes: External auxiliary display
  • AB7100 Enterprise Mixed Bill Value Counter

    Regular price From $1,199.99 USD
    Regular price Sale price From $1,199.99 USD

    Core 4 Features:

    • 5 counterfeit & security features
    • Captures and reports serial numbers
    • 4 operating modes (Count, Mix, Sort, Local)
    • Includes: AccuClips and external auxiliary display

About Money Counters

For over 40 years, AccuBANKER has been the leading provider of cash handling solutions. Since 1981, we have been actively providing our customers with exceptional money counting machines. Our counter machine portfolio includes cash room automation solutions with an array of features including counterfeit detection, value calculating, serial reporting and much more. 

Our secure and reliable money counter machines save our customers time and money, helping our customers keep their cash safe, while decreasing operational and overhead costs.

At its core, AccuBANKER is a technology company; however, the relationships we have with our customers are truly our driving force. We are dedicated to learning about what matters most, providing our customers with exceptional service, peace of mind and the freedom to do more with their businesses. Learn more about how our reliable money counters can help you and your business by viewing our selection of counters.


Bill counter machines are used to quickly and accurately count large sums of money. They are often used in banks, casinos, and other places where large amounts of currency need to be counted quickly.


Currency counting machines work by scanning each bill and reading the value of the bill. The machine then adds up all of the values of the scanned bills to give the total amount of money in the stack.

Most modern money counters use a combination of both optical and magnetic sensing to get the most accurate count.


Money counters can help to speed up the transaction process by counting the money quickly and accurately. This can be especially helpful for businesses that deal with a lot of cash transactions.

Money counting machines can also help to prevent employee theft by ensuring that all the bills are accounted for. They can also help to improve customer service by reducing wait times.

Overall, bill counters can be a helpful tool for any business that deals with cash transactions.


AccuBANKER money counters are the perfect choice for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Our money counters are extremely accurate and reliable, and they're also easy to use. We offer a wide range of money counting machines that can meet the needs of any institution, big or small.


We're proud to offer the best customer service in the industry. You can always reach out to us, and we'll be happy to answer your questions. Our money counter specialists are here to provide a solution for whatever problem or concern you may have about our products.