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Max Hopper Capacity (Coins)

Max Counting Speed (Coins)


Currency Programming


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High Speed Coin Counter & Sorter
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Core 4 Features:

  • Hopper Capacity of up to 1,500 coins based on dimes
  • Automatic sorting with individual coin trays  
  • Displays totals by denomination and grand total  
  • Heavy-duty motor designed for speed counting and sorting of up to 1,200 coins per minute

Coin Counter

Bill and coin counting machines have made significant improvements to the ways we handle money. This automated electronic equipment eliminates the hassle of sorting through piles of coins manually, mitigates concerns about the efficiency of managing hard currency, and significantly reduces accounting errors. Coin counters work quickly and with accuracy; select models include preprogrammed features that help you keep count of your tangible money more effectively.

It is important to make accurate change for customers in your business, and continued small failures to do so comes at a high price. An AccuBANKER coin counter will save you time and keep tangible currency more readily accessible. With cash, you avoid running into processing fees, delays, or payment holds, and accepting bills and coins for payment ensures your customers have options. However, due to the need for accurately counting out payment and then providing accurate change to each customer, it may not feel like the best option. Running a company can hamper one’s time management and ultimately affect the bottom line, and handling cash may account for a significant expenditure of your time. Our coin counters operate quickly and effectively, so you and your team can spend more time providing the best possible customer service.

Coin counters use different delivery mechanisms to achieve the best results in terms of accurately and quickly counting cash. The equipment is usually outfitted with a tray or hopper where the coins are fed, then a separator mechanism will sort the money. Finally, the counter counts them so you can get an accurate sum.

New Money Counting Technology

Microchip technology has enhanced money counter designs and functionality over the past few decades. Bill and coin counters can now account for a wider amount of information much more quickly and handle different accounting functions like mixed denomination counting and counterfeit detection. A coin counter machine from AccuBANKER speeds up your team’s workflow and manages the bulk of handling tangible money accurately. Our team is here to help you find the best bill and coin counting solution for you and your company’s needs. 

Coin counters and sorters use more straightforward technology than a bill counter would. Most grocery stores or in-home products use a centralized platform that shuffles change through its individual slots designated for different kinds of coins. Additionally, coin sorters will sort by height and this verifies that no errors were made nor counterfeits recognized. If you take a look at how vending machines work in terms of dispensing change, a small processor and some software sum up the coins you put in — similar to any other coin counter. Then the software tells the hardware what amount of change to dispense in return, if any. Check out AccuBANKER today and see for yourself how the best coin counters in the industry can help you and your business account for the common issue of checkout tills coming up short at the end of the day.

When it comes to finding the best coin counter or sorter for your needs there are many different choices. With so many possibilities and a wide variety of products to select from, it is important to get the best solution for the right price. First, we will determine if you need a coin counter or sorter. Next, we will break down the additional features that may prove beneficial to your business. Coin sorters come in different models and with the right type of equipment, you can save time and money. As our valued customer, we want to make sure that you have the best items for your specific needs.

All types of businesses could benefit from the efficiency and reliability of our coin counters. Our equipment works on counting large numbers of coins swiftly and precisely to allow our clients to focus on growing their company. Some coin sorters place your coins into preformed tubes that help facilitate wrapping the coins for easy transfer. Coin sorters easily sort quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies, speeding up operations as well as end-of-day cashout. With our easy-to-use counters, you stand to secure your operational accounting, mitigate human errors, and increase profits.

Weight Based

Some counters come with scales to weigh several coins at once. The electronic signal accurately measures and calculates the weight of the coins, matching them with their corresponding denominations to give you an instant reading of your total. Some models analyze bills and coins based on algorithms and the number of variances calculated to achieve a total tally.

Sensor Scanning

Certain coin counters use optical sensors to count and identify coins as they are fed into the machine. These scanners allow the equipment to reflect real-time counts and store totals to memory. Imagine running a laundromat where customers are paying with cash: If you are operating almost 24/7, accepting bills and coins, you will collect large amounts of tangible currency that needs counting and sorting. Coin counters allow you to have your team working on things that truly affect your business on the front and backend. Our products can automate your coin and bill counting to save you time and money. AccuBANKER’s coin counter is a faster and more accurate way to count your cash.

Multiple Methods

Different coins have different weights, and are uniquely sized as well. Mixed coin counters use automated sensors and rotating disks to identify the coins based on size and then funnel them into the designated slot. Specific AccuBANKER coin counter models can interpret mixed denominations while organizing them into appropriate rolls. If you are working with significant amounts of coins, contact us today and let our team find the best counting solution for you.

Bills and coins are a tangible means of payment that some customers prefer. Managing and handling the number of bills or coins for your business can waste valuable resources. Coin sorters and counters are the best solutions for counting or sorting cash fast and securely. 

With our line of coin counter products, rest assured your team can spend less time counting and more time developing and selling your brand. AccuBANKER has the right tools for you to properly handle those large stacks of bills and coins. Contact us today and talk to one of our representatives about your company’s coin-counting needs.