Dollar Bill




According to a 2002 report in the Southern Medical Journal, bills can contain more germs than the inside of a household toilet… Actually, they are a hospitable environment for many viruses and bacteria and can transport a flu virus for as many as 17 days. On top of that, approximately 80 percent of US bills have been contaminated with cocaine!

There are different ways to protect yourself from being contaminated with viruses and bacteria while handling cash. First, make sure to wash your hands effectively after touching the bills. If you handle a lot of bills in a single day and have no bathroom nearby, a good alternative is to carry a hand sanitizer with you at all times and if you work at a cash register, simply wear gloves!

Now direct contact with the bills is one thing, but what about inhaling the dust deposited on these banknotes? Well, believe it or not, although it may occur less often, it is just as harmful. In situations such as counting bills, by hand or with a bill counter, the ‘fan effect’ caused by the motion of the bills can easily throw those particles right to your face, in your mouth and to your lungs.

Especially for people with allergies, it is important to avoid this type of contact with dust. One way to avoid it is to wear a mask, or simply use a money counter equipped with a dust cover.

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