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AB7800 SWITCH Comprehensive Mixed Bill Value Counter

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  • 6 Operation Modes (MIX / SORT / COUNT / ORIENT / FACE / DSP)
  • 4 Counterfeit Detection Functions (UV / MG / IR / MT)
  • Large Hopper Capacity of 500 Bills (can be up to 800 with optional guide extensions)
  • Dual User Operation Capability For Increased Efficiency
  • ABCashroom Software Included To Integrate Counts With PC
  • Shows Detailed Breakdown of Counting Including Serial Numbers

The AB7800 SWITCH is the perfect solution to your bill counting process. This equipment is not only fast, accurate and reliable but its mixed bill counting, counterfeit detection, easy-to-use touch screen and dual user functionality are just the beginning of the amazing features this unit offers. This equipment is suitable for a wide range of cash management tasks, saving you time and space! The AB7800 SWITCH is our most comprehensive and versatile money counter yet. 

Allow our equipment to help you save time, money and space with all your counting needs. Purchase and explore the options with our AB7800 SWITCH today!

Here is a quick overview on some of the features the AB7800 SWITCH has to offer and how they can be of benefit to you:

Six Counting Modes of Operation

The AB7800 SWITCH provides six counting modes for all your counting needs!

  • MIX: Counts mixed denomination bills within the same bundle. Giving you a breakdown by denomination, total bills counted and total value.

  • SORT: Counts bills of the same denomination. Any bills of a different denomination within the batch will be detected and sent to the conveniently located rejection tray.

  • FACE: Sorts bills by either facing up or facing down. This is detected and sorted by the unit automatically as the batch feeds through the equipment.

  • ORIENTATION: Sorts bills by direction. Again, this is detected and sorted by the unit automatically as the batch feeds through the equipment.

  • COUNT: Conducts a simple count of bills. The total value is not calculated here but is useful for poor quality or bills that may have been overused.

  • DISPENSE: Dispenses a specific amount set by the user. The user can set a stack of bills on the hopper and the unit will feed bills until the total value is reached.


These six modes make it easier and faster to complete any counting task! Additional settings and preferences can be added within each count/batch adding to the convenience of this equipment.

Four Counterfeit Detection Features

  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Magnetism (MG)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Magnetic Thread (MT)

Using these four counterfeit detection methods, The AB7800 SWITCH ensures proper safeguarding. As a suspicious bill passes through our equipment, the unit will detect it and send it directly to the rejection pocket allowing for a continuous counting operation.


Dual User Operation Capability

Save money and space by using the AB7800 SWITCH's dual user operation feature. This feature allows two operators to work with the same equipment. Separate settings can be configured for each user. The bill counter will save each users’ settings to allow for a quick and easy switch at the push of a button.


Captures & Reports serial numbers

As each bill is counted, the AB7800 SWITCH captures each individual serial number. A list of the serial numbers can be found by using the “SHOW” function. With this function, the user can pull up a report listing all the details of the count or a report listing all of the serial numbers recorded during the count. This function works for USD and EUR bills.


Built-in Printer

While most other bill counters offer separate printer options, the AB7800 SWITCH comes with a printer built-in! Easily and instantly print all the counting details either by count or serial number for each user. 


PC Connection 

The AB7800 SWITCH is easy and simple to connect to your PC via USB cable. By connecting the unit to your PC, you can then export all the details of each count using our ABCashroom Software.


ABCashroom Software

With the purchase of our AB7800 SWITCH, we have included our ABCashroom software. While this software is optional for you to download, it is the perfect add-on for our equipment. With this software, you can organize historical data of all your stored counts, customize reports based on selected filters, sort through data by date, assigned user, and more.

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Visit the ABCashroom page at the link above to download the software and get more information.


Full List of Features & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 11.7 in
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs (8kg)
  • Counting Speed: up to 1,200 bills/min
  • Hopper Capacity: 600 bills (new)
  • Stacker Capacity: 200 bills
  • Reject Pocket Capacity: 50 bills
  • Power Supply: 100-200V AC, 60/50Hz
  • Feeding System: Roller Friction


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