AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer
AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer

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AB-CD50 Iron Cash Drawer Pro

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  • Functional & Secure
  • Quality Craftsmanship, With High Resistance Paint Coat
  • Removable Currency Tray
  • 5 Bill/5 Coin Trays
  • 2 Media Slots For Storage

The AccuBANKER Iron Cash Drawer Pro AB-CD50 is a durable and robust POS solution for retailers.


accubanker cash drawer position lock
The lock, pictured above, in its printer-driven position.

The AB-CD50 provides 2 media slots for storage of higher denomination bills and traveler checks. Separate important or suspicious bills/documents for later review.

Its 3-position lock enables three separate open functions: locked, printer-driven, and manually open.

  • Locked: Not able to be opened under any circumstances.
  • Printer-driven: Cannot be opened manually, but can be opened when the printer prints a receipt.
  • Manually open: Can be opened by hand and printer.


With a high resistance paint coat and a formidable stainless steel front, the AB-CD50 is built to last. The currency tray is equipped with stainless steel bill weights to securely clamp down on the bills without potentially altering them. Rigorous testing from our development team has ensured good performance and durability.

abcd50 accubanker cash drawer with two media slots
2 Media Slots
accubanker removable currency tray on top
Removable Currency Tray
currency tray ab cash drawer abcd50
5 Bill Trays / 5 Coin Trays

Full List of Specs

  • 410(W) x 420(D) x 100(H) mm
  • Adjustable For 5 Bills / 5 Coins
  • 3-position lock
  • 2 media slots
  • Voltage: DUAL VOLTAGE 12V/24V
  • Cable: 100cm length
  • Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC
  • Epson standard RJ11 connector
  • Removable Cash & Coin tray
  • Adjustable money clip (Metal wire grips) & dividers
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Electrical and key opening
  • Roller bearing suspension
  • Tested up to 1,000,000 openings

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