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The leading brand of bill counters, foreign currency counters, and counterfeit money detectors

AccuBANKER is the global industry standard and leading brand and marketers of money counting machines and counterfeit money detectors at affordable prices. For more than 28 years, we have provided retail technology such as bill counters counterfeit money detectors and foreign money detectors. In doing so, we offer our clients reliability, accuracy, and speed to business owners and organizations making their work easier, eliminating human error, creating time savings, and providing "peace of mind".


Counter Machines

Our bill counter machines, coin counter machines and other cash handling systems, are specifically designed for retail use. Banks, Credit Unions, C-stores, Grocers and other specialty retailers across the world benefit from the speed and accuracy all of our money counters offer.


Tools to Detect Counterfeit Bills

Whether your business has taken a loss from a counterfeit bill or you are taking preventative steps to detect counterfeits before they hit your cash tills, you've come to the right place. We help businesses detect counterfeit bills with easy to use UV counterfeit detectors, automatic US Dollar counterfeit bill detectors, foreign currency counterfeit money detectors and other counterfeit detecting equipment.