We celebrate the US $100 bill in honor to our independence

We celebrate the US $100 bill in honor to our independence

Celebrating our independence: history, trust, and integrity.

On July 4th, a day that epitomizes freedom, we reflect on the US $100 bill as a lasting symbol of the United States. Our currency represents our history and embodies the values of accuracy, trust, and integrity.

“The most valuable currency is trust” – CEO at AccuBANKER.

 At AccuBANKER, we understand the importance of safeguarding cash and protecting the symbols of our currency. For over 40 years, we have been committed to designing and engineering advanced technologies that quickly and accurately detect fraudulent banknotes. 

Our money counters and counterfeit detectors deliver unparalleled accuracy, streamline operations, and eliminate the risk of accepting counterfeit bills.


The evolution of security: A tribute to the U.S. $100 bill

The $100 bill has changed over the years, each redesign incorporates enhanced counterfeit security elements that honor our heritage.

So, what are the security features and design elements that honor our history?

The Portrait of Benjamin Franklin:

As one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin represents the spirit that shaped our nation. His portrait on the front of the bill is illustrated with fine lines and includes the phrase “The United States of America,” which can only be reproduced by microprinting techniques. His portrait also features color-shifting ink, which makes the color change when viewed from different angles, a feature extremely challenging to replicate. 


The Liberty Bell:

The Liberty Bell, symbolizing freedom and independence, includes several anti-counterfeit features such as raised ink that give it a distinctive texture. It is surrounded by a blue security ribbon containing images of bells and the number 100, which shift in color when tilted.


Numeral “100”:

Just like the Liberty Bell, the numeral “100” in the lower right corner of the front side has color-shifting ink that changes color from copper to green.


Phrases and Text:

“We the People” and “The United States of America” are phrases that also serve as security features due to their high resolution and intricate patterns, making them difficult to replicate in a counterfeiting process. Other phrases, not visible to the naked eye, can be seen by holding the bill against light or using AccuBANKER’s specialized equipment that enhances these features with extra bright LED lights.

Liberty and protection (from counterfeits) for all

The US $100 bill includes elements designed to protect counterfeiters. From the color-shifting ink and embedded security thread to the intricate portraits and raised printing, each feature serves as a testament to the dedication of the US Treasury to protect our currency and the trust it inspires.

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