AccuBANKER counterfeit detection for fake bills

Trending Counterfeit Money: A Silent Threat to Your Business

Every day, billions of dollars are exchanged, and unfortunately, some of these transactions result in losses due to counterfeit currency. This issue is particularly prevalent in fast-food restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and casinos where it is almost impossible to verify the authenticity of a bill with the naked eye. Accepting fake currency not only reduces income but also can quietly damage a business’s financial stability.

For over 40 years, AccuBANKER has been a technological ally, providing cash-handling solutions to mitigate these risks.

While Cash Is King, Counterfeit Currency Remains a Looming Threat

As technology advances, so do counterfeiters, developing new technologies to print or create counterfeit objects. Sophisticated counterfeit bills such as the super dollar, today's most sophisticated fake bill, presents a challenge for detection without specialized equipment. Accepting counterfeit cash can lead to substantial losses and damage to your business’s reputation.

This loss of monetary value is coupled with wasted time and potential human error. Today, prioritizing safety and reliability are essential, and at AccuBANKER, we offer a set of products that will ensure asset protection.

The Latest Counterfeit Trend

One of the most alarming trends in counterfeiting involves an approximately 90% ROI for criminals who bleach authentic $5 bills and re-print them as $100 notes. These counterfeit bills have been meticulously designed with security features that are difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Counterfeit detection process and ROI

Evasion of Detection by the Superdollar Involves Two Key Factors:

  1. Use of Authentic Paper: The Superdollar not only mimics genuine U.S. bill paper but uses lower denomination currencies that cannot be detected by counterfeit pens, some machines, or even experts. 
  2. High-Quality Printing: This authentic appearance is derived from precision and detail in simulating real bills, which can only be identified through specialized magnification equipment or advanced detectors. 

AccuBANKER’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

At AccuBANKER, we use the latest technology, designed to prevent counterfeiters in all our machines. Our money counters and money checkers are engineered and tested in the U.S. to ensure they can withstand the toughest counterfeit threats.

A Solution for Every Industry

Our automatic counterfeit detectors, such as the D470 or D585, serve as simple yet powerful tools for businesses across various sectors, such as bars, nightclubs, big-box store point-of-sale systems, and mobile enterprises like food trucks. These detectors provide authenticity verification in less than a second, ensuring seamless customer transactions.

Differences between D470, D585 - AccuBANKER counterfeit detection

The D700 Duo Automatic Value and Counterfeit Bill Detector stands out with its eight advanced counterfeit detection features, making it ideal for high-capacity environments like casinos and dispensaries.

AccuBANKER D700 - Best counterfeit detectors and money counters

Protect your business today!

Choosing AccuBANKER’s solutions extends beyond simple monetary protection; it’s an investment in the security and operational efficiency of your business. With our cash-handling solutions, you can safeguard every transaction, cut down on labor costs, and significantly reduce the risk of costly counting errors. Take action to protect your earnings and strengthen your business against counterfeit risks.

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