Counterfeit detector

There are different types of counterfeit detectors available with different designs, detection functions and operating systems to fit the needs of your business. There are multiple factors to consider when trying to purchase a counterfeit detector:

  • How fast do you want to be able to check bills?

If you are in a fast paced environment where it is important to do things quick, you might want to invest in an automatic bill scanner; simply insert the banknote in the automatic feeding system and your bill will be checked in less than 1 second. From UV detection to Infrared and Magnetic, automatic counterfeit detectors are a very reliable and efficient barrier to counterfeits.

  • How much cash do you usually process in a single day?

If you process a very large amount a cash everyday, a bill counter equipped with counterfeit detection is what you should consider. Bill counters come in different types, designs, functions and prices. The counterfeit detection functions can either be included with the machine or come as an additional option. The top bill counters can be equipped with as high as 5 detection functions (including double bill detection) with a processing speed of 1,900 bills per minute and a hopper capacity that can reach up to 600 bills.

  • Where are you planning to use the detector?
For large retail stores with multiple cash registers and little space, bill counters are not the best choice as they use more space and are less convenient for checking bills quickly. An automatic bill scanner or a manual UV detector would be a better choice for the retail environment. You also have to consider the availability of an outlet at the cash register. If there is no outlet available, a battery powered detector is what you must go for. Some of you might be planning to use a detector outdoor (fairs, concerts, festivals…); in that case, beware of manual UV light detectors, as the sunlight can make it difficult to check the bill properly. Instead, opt for a bill counter with integrated detection or an automatic bill scanner.

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