Bill Counter

I. Time Saving

Let’s face it, time is money; and the amount of time you spend counting money by hand means less time working on things that actually increase sales and boost your business. Counting money by hand reduces productivity, it’s as simple as that. Money counters, however, take only seconds to process hundreds of bills, which allows your employees to spend more time fulfilling more important duties. Some of these machines also have the capability to count mixed denominations altogether so you don’t even have to organize your bills by batches prior to counting, which is also a time consuming task.

II. More Reliable

As the proverb states, “to err is human”. Indeed, there is a very high probability of making mistakes while counting currency by hand, especially when it involves big volumes of coins or bills. Error is never good, especially when it involves money. Bill and coin counters reduce the probability of a counting error by almost 100% for “Worry-Free” cash processing.

III. Barrier to Counterfeits

A bill counter can be equipped with counterfeit detection functions such as Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared, etc. which is an all-in-one solution to processing cash efficiently and securely. Using a money counter with detection will allow you to count, sort and check bills before making a deposit at the bank - without worrying about miscounting and/or having bills rejected for being counterfeits.

IV. Easy to use

Most money counters are very easy to operate with a user friendly display and no training required. Depending on the different functions offered by the machine, you can rapidly set it up to do what you need; from basic counting to adding, sorting and checking bills, all the steps are always clearly listed in the user manual and very simple to follow.

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