Meet our new D700 Duo

Meet our new D700 Duo

Presenting our newest detector, the D700 Duo Automatic Value and Counterfeit Bill Detector 

Join us in welcoming the newest addition of the AccuBANKER team. The D700 Duo is a high-capacity counterfeit detector with 8 counterfeit detection methods and 2 preprogrammed currencies: US Dollar and Euro (USD & EUR). Pair it with our compatible thermal printer for detailed reports or make it portable with an optional rechargeable battery.



A Rose by Any Other Name

The D700 was named “Duo” because it is both a high-capacity detector and a value counter for mixed bills. At AccuBANKER, all of our counterfeit detectors are specialized in using multiple detection methods to find counterfeits  in a fraction of a second. This type of detection technology, combined with value counting capabilities is what makes the D700 the best value on the market. Value counters tend to be expensive due to the high-tech sensors embedded in the unit. The D700 has both types of technological capacities: the sophisticated technologies of a detector combined with the high-tech sensors of a value counter.



A Need for Speed

Unlike other models in the detector category, the D700 Duo is unique because of its ability to process 250 bills per minute. This, compared to other detectors, is significantly faster. A vast majority of counterfeit detectors on the market process bills at a maximum speed of 1 bill per second while also requiring the user to feed the bill into the machine one at a time. This process of inserting bills one-by-one can be time consuming and tedious. The D700 Duo, on the other hand, only requires the user to place a stack of bills on the top-loading hopper. Once the bills are on the hopper, this unit automatically feeds the bills through the machine at blistering speeds by comparison. To add, the D700 has embedded multi-orientation / multi-directional technology which leads to a seamless operation as it would not require organizing banknotes by Face or Orientation.



A Box of Chocolates

When accepting cash, you never know what you’re going to get. AccuBANKER has been trusted for over 40 years to safeguard against the persistent counterfeiting threats of today and, with our 3-Year Hassle-Free Warranty, you can be sure to get the most out of our products for as long as possible. Our detectors and validators come equipped with 8 possible ways to scan for suspicious bills to give your bottom-line extra layers of protection. The D700 has all 8 of these: Ultraviolet (UV), Watermark (WM), Magnetic Ink (MG), Magnetic Thread (MT), Infrared (IR), Dimension Detection (DD), Image (IMG), and Color Spectrum (CS). With the D700 Duo, you’ll be maximally protected against the latest tactics used by counterfeiters. Leverage the D700 Duo to secure your cash and safeguard your hard-earned profits against fraudulent bills.



A Global Affair

As a counterfeit detector and value counter, the D700 Duo comes preprogrammed with currency detection capabilities for US Dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR). After you select what currency to scan, the D700 generates detailed reports with your currency of choice listed on the easy-to-read LCD screen. The D700 Duo is preprogrammed for USD & EUR to detect counterfeits and calculate the total value of the bills. For reselling, wholesale, or bulk buyers contact us for information on additional programmable currencies.

At the same time, the D700 Duo comes pre-programmed to detect counterfeits and calculate the value only for USD and EUR. Meanwhile though, it is also equipped with sheet counting for any paper or polymer bill that fits in the hopper. Thanks to the adjustable bill guiders, the D700 allows virtually any-sized bill* to pass through the machine, regardless of the currency. This implies that the D700 Duo is capable of handling (for bill counting only) virtually all international currencies ultimately making it a Universal bill counter.

*Acceptable banknote dimensions (L x W): 3.38 x 6.14 in (8.58 x 15.60 cm)



A Pocketful of Sunshine

Weighing less than 5 lb (2.3 kg), the D700 is a friendly companion if you choose to use it as a portable sidekick. By purchasing the D700 with Battery Included, you can extend the use of the machine beyond all boundaries. This lightweight detector has a battery life that can extend between 16 and 20 hours on a single charge. Equipped with a standby feature (sleep mode), the unit automatically turns off when not in use, further stretching its available battery capacity. Fully closed, the D700 dimensions are no more than 7.7 x 6.5 x 7 inches (19.5 x 16.5 x 17.5 cm). Take the D700 on a drive around your block. Use it for portable businesses like food trucks or catering services, cleaning or handyman services, or while attending trade shows. Are you an event planner or wedding photographer? Take the D700 as your plus one by selecting the Battery Bundle.



An Easy Choice

Make counterfeit detection a part of your business and maintain a smooth operation while achieving your loss prevention objectives.

Find your D700 unit here or chat with our customer service department for more help.



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