How Businesses Could Increase Cash Revenue

How Businesses Could Increase Cash Revenue

As businesses struggle to grow, their owners, CEO’s, and General Managers wonder about solutions that will increase their revenue and help them bring more money into the business. One of the ways to increase revenue, is certainly by cutting losses, especially in cash-led industries like Dispensaries, Restaurants, Laundry mats, Casinos, and others.

Even though counterfeiting is not a new concept, it’s proven to be on the rise . In 2020 alone the U.S. Secret Service noted a 40% rise in seized counterfeit money in comparison to the prior year. One of the most common threats to a businesses taking in cash is accepting smaller denomination bills without abiding by the most up to date counterfeit detection methods that can guarantee the authenticity of the bill. 

Did you know that the most common counterfeited bill is a bleached $1 or $5 bill superimposed by the image of a $20 bill? How many bills does your business handle in a day?

According to the latest information provided by the United States Department of Treasury, there are between $70 and $200 million counterfeit bills in circulation. Approximating 1 out of every 4,000 bills could be considered suspicious.


What are the best methods to discover counterfeit bills?

Every bill has been designed and engineered with specific attributes and many layers of security, both visible and invisible to the eye to beat forgeries. The U.S. Treasury Department has a proprietary blend of cotton and linen with different weights and thicknesses, added with fluorescent phosphors, ferromagnetic ink, security threads, intricate print markings, and watermarks. At AccuBANKER, we have equipped our units with the technology that accurately reads all or a combination of security measures to detect counterfeit bills in under a second.

Our detectors are simple, inexpensive, and a proven solution to bring you peace of mind that help in decreasing your exposure  to counterfeiting threats. Our technology can prevent the acceptance of fake bills before receiving them at your stores which helps protect your bottom line.

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