Fake Bills eat into your profits

Fake Bills eat into your profits

How Quick Service Restaurants are being hit by millions in fake bills.

Businesses that handle cash daily like Quick Service Restaurants and Food Trucks are some of the most vulnerable to counterfeit money cutting into their profits. Luckily there are easy and tested methods to prevent the acceptance of fake currency. 

Here are some inexpensive steps you can take to minimize the risk and help protect your business from counterfeiters eating your food and hard earn profits:


Avoid using a counterfeit detector pen:

One of the most common threats to counterfeit acceptance is relying on a counterfeit detection pen as it can only check the authenticity of the paper. The U.S. Treasury Department has a proprietary blend of cotton and linen on which US bills are printed on. As counterfeiters are no strangers to this blend, the way they pass a fake bill is by bleaching a $1 or $5 bill and reprinting them with larger denominations.

The pen does not detect additional and key features in bills like the watermark, UV threads, magnetism, micro printing, or weight, among others, making it unreliable and time-consuming. Read more about why counterfeit pens are not reliable.


Check all bills:

Most QSRs accept smaller denomination bills like $5 or $20 without checking, others don’t allow the acceptance of anything larger than $20 to avoid counterfeit bills, but these too could be $1 bleached bills. Especially since the reported most common counterfeited denomination within the US is the $20 bill. Our units serve as an ideal deterrent to counterfeiters and can help prevent you from succumbing to these challenges. Their intuitive design helps maintain a small retail footprint that enables them to be placed almost anywhere to ensure the authenticity of all bills in under a second.


Be vigilant / Use technology: 

Be extra careful when accepting bills from unfamiliar customers. 

Make evident that your business has the technology to prevent the acceptance of fake and bleached bills. Proudly display our industry-leading counterfeit detection units as this will alleviate the time and stress on employees' training. It could also help prevent potential altercations with customers as they rely on our secure solutions to facilitate the acceptance of cash payments. If your business communicates that it actively checks for counterfeit money it will decrease the percentage of counterfeiters trying to attack your business. 


Choose AccuBANKER:

For over 40 years we have been engineering technology for the prevention of counterfeit money worldwide. Our restaurant and retail customers have proven, a counterfeit detector is the best way to ensure that the cash you’re accepting is genuine. At AccuBANKER, we offer a wide range of units with up to 8 methods of detection technology that can help you protect your business, including the D470, a favorite among well-known QSR franchises around the world thanks to its portability, immediate ROI, easy-to-use system, and 3-year warranty. 


What our customers say:

The product works great. Easy to use and saves me lost money !! I have eight of them now”  Thanks – Jhon Musco
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Make counterfeit detection a part of your business and maintain a smooth operation while protecting your business from potential losses.  

Search for your ideal unit here or chat with our customer service department for more help.



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