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  • Kit de mantenimiento del Contador
  • Kit de mantenimiento del Contador


Kit de mantenimiento del Contador

Precio habitual $58.50 USD
Precio habitual Precio de venta $58.50 USD

La suciedad y los desechos de los billetes pueden obstruir fácilmente las máquinas sin una limpieza regular. Este kit de limpieza completo y conveniente incluye todas las herramientas necesarias para limpiar sus productos. Compatible con todas las contadoras de dinero AccuBANKER, nos aseguramos de que nuestro kit venga completo con suficientes productos para que le dure todo un año.

El kit incluye:

  • 4 plumeros de aire
  • 12 tarjetas de limpieza
  • 12 bastoncillos de limpieza

Core 4 Features

    •  Compatible with all AccuBANKER Bill & Value Counters
    •  Includes 4 Air Dusters, 12 Cleaning Cards, and 12 Cleaning Swabs
    •  Extend your product’s lifespan by keeping it clean
    •  Convenient all in one worry-free kit

Dirt and debris from bills can easily clog machines without regular cleaning. This comprehensive and convenient cleaning kit includes all the tools necessary to clean your products. Compatible with all AccuBANKER money counters, we’ve made sure our kit comes complete with enough products to last you a whole year.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Air Dusters
  • 12 Cleaning Cards
  • 12 Cleaning Swabs

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
William Ryan
Maintenance Kit

The duster is fine as long as you clear the moisture from it first. The pads are to wide for the bill machine and must be cut with a scissor before use.

Polly Montford
Accounting Manager

Very pleased with the time of delivery and product.

Dear Polly, we are glad you are satisfied with your experience with AccuBANKER. Thank you so much for your feedback!


The AccuBANKER Team

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