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Precio habitual $69.99 USD
Precio habitual Precio de venta $69.99 USD
El cajón portamonedas de hierro AccuBANKER, con una capa de pintura de alta resistencia y frente de acero inoxidable, es una solución POS duradera y robusta para las empresas. La bandeja para billetes está equipada con abrazaderas para billetes de acero inoxidable para sujetar los billetes en su lugar de forma segura sin dañarlos. Para demostrar su rendimiento y durabilidad, Iron Cash Drawer se ha probado exhaustivamente para garantizar una fácil interoperabilidad.

Core 4 Features

    • Removable currency tray
    • Five bill & five coin compartments
    • Two media slots for extra storage
    • Three-position lock with a set of two keys

The AccuBANKER Iron Cash Drawer, with a high resistance paint coat and stainless-steel front, is a durable and robust POS solution for businesses. The currency tray is equipped with stainless-steel bill clamps to securely hold bills in place without damaging them. To demonstrate its performance and durability, the Iron Cash Drawer has been extensively tested to ensure easy interoperability.

AB-CD50 Bloqueo de 3 posiciones

Bloqueo de 3 posiciones

The Iron Cash Drawer comes with a set of two keys to open and close the drawer. The lock can be set to three different positions depending on your needs.

- Locked: securely closed and cannot be open by any means without the key

- Printer Driven: used for cash transactions to open the cash drawer when connected to a compatible receipt printer (not included)

- Manual: Manually open the cash drawer

AB-CD50 Diseño funcional

Diseño funcional

The Iron Cash Drawer comes with a removable currency tray with five bill and five coin compartments. Additionally, there are two media slots that can be used to store gift cards, certificates, checks, higher denomination bills, and other items. The Iron Cash Drawer is the perfect solution to keep your POS stations secure and organized.

  • 5 adjustable bill & 5 adjustable coin trays 
  • 3-position lock: Locked, Printer-Driven, Manual Open 
  • 2 media slots for higher denominational bills, gift cards, checks, and other items 
  • Adjustable stainless steel bill clamps
  • Connect to any industry standard receipt printer with RJ11, RJ12 or DKD compatible sockets.  
  • Printer outlet cable measures 27 in (68.5 cm) length 
  • Heavy-duty drawer slide with thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC to open and close the cash drawer with ease
  • Removable cash & coin tray
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Can be opened electronically for cash transactions with a compatible printer connected (Printer not included)
  • Roller bearing suspension
  • Functional & secure
  • Quality craftsmanship and high resistance paint coat
  • Extensively tested to ensure quality and easy interoperability
  • CE Certified 

AB-CD50 Features & Specifications

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