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Capacidad máxima de la tolva (Billetes)

Velocidad máxima conteo (Billetes)

Métodos de detección de billetes falsos

Tipo de detección de falsificación

Programación de Monedas

  • Precio habitual $169.99 USD
    Precio habitual Precio de venta $169.99 USD

    Estación AB Axel POS

    Core 4 Features :

    • Compatible with most tablets & iPads on the market and provides connectivity to industry-standard receipt printers with RJ11, RJ12, or DKD compatible sockets
    • Adjustable arms for size & thickness, keep tablet secure with the ability to rotate between 180° tilt, almost complete 360° swivel, and portrait or landscape screen positioning
    • Iron Cash Drawer keeps cash and other media secure and organized
    • Point-of-Sale solution, performance-driven with a functional & secure design for trouble-free transaction cycles
  • Precio habitual A partir de $599.99 USD
    Precio habitual Precio de venta A partir de $599.99 USD

    D700 Duo Detectora y Validadora de Alta Capacidad

      Core 4 Features:

      • 8 counterfeit detection methods with 2 preprogrammed currencies (USD & EUR)
      • Lightweight detector and mixed value counter with optional rechargeable battery for increased portability
      • Recognizes & adds by denomination to provide totals for each bill counted
      • Multi-orientation / multi-directional automatic feeding system up to 250 bills per minute!
  • Precio habitual $1,999.99 USD
    Precio habitual Precio de venta $1,999.99 USD

    AB7800 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos Doble Bolsillo Doble Usuario

    Core 4 Features:

    • 5 counterfeit & security features with 2 preprogrammed currencies (USD & EUR)
    • Counts & sorts mixed denomination bills with 2 sorting pockets & dual user operation
    • Captures and reports serial numbers
    • Includes: Built-In Printer and external auxiliary display