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  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
  • AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos
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AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos

Precio habitual $1,199.99 USD
Precio habitual Precio de venta $1,199.99 USD
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El AB7100 es la solución perfecta para un proceso de conteo de billetes rápido, preciso y confiable. El AB7100 es una valorizadora de denominación mixta, lo que significa que puede contar una pila de billetes de valor mixto, clasificarlos y proporcionar un valor total para los billetes contados. También le permite tener un desglose detallado de los totales por denominación. Sin mencionar que viene equipado con 5 métodos de detección de billetes falsos que escanean cada billete mientras se cuenta su autenticidad.

    Core 4 Features

      • 5 counterfeit & security features: Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic Ink (MG), Magnetic Thread (MT), Infrared (IR) & Dimension Detection (DD)
      • Captures and reports serial numbers
      • 4 operating modes (Count, Mix, Sort, Local)
      • Includes: AccuClips and external auxiliary display

    High Performance & Efficiency

    High Performance & Efficiency

    Count large stacks of bills with multiple operating modes and integrated counterfeit detection systems to calculate the total value of bills & more.

    Heavy-Duty Motors

    Heavy-Duty Motors

    Never sacrificing quality, our industrial strength motors are built to last.

    Fast & Accurate

    Fast & Accurate

    Be confident in counting your cash quickly & accurately to save you time and effort.

    ABCashroom Integration

    ABCashroom Integration

    Connect to your PC and integrate your equipment with an additional purchase of the ABCashroom Pro Software. Keep all counting data organized, view history details, sort, generate reports, & more.

    The AB7100 is the perfect solution for a fast, accurate, and reliable bill counting process. The AB7100 is a mixed denomination value counter, meaning it can count a stack of mixed value bills, sort them, and provide a total value for the bills counted. It also enables you to have a detailed breakdown of totals by denomination. Not to mention that it comes equipped with 4 counterfeit detection methods that scan each bill while it is being counted for authenticity.

    AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos 4 conteo Modos de funcionamiento

    4 conteo Modos de funcionamiento

    - MIX: Counts mixed denominational bills within the same bundle. Gives a breakdown by denomination, total bills counted, and total value.

    - COUNT: A simple count of bills. The total value is not calculated here but it is a useful function for poor quality bills that may have heavy wear and tear or to count bills of another currency.

    - SORT:  Counts bills of the same denomination by recording the denomination of the first bill. The unit will then check the rest of the bills in the stack to make sure they are of the same denomination. The unit will stop the count and alert the user when a bill of a different denomination is found. Allowing the user to remove the bill and continue with the count.

    - LOCAL: Conducts a simple count of the number of bills. Total value is not calculated. This function is normally used for local currencies and can be customized for the security features of the local currency through software updates, upon request.

    4 Funciones de detección de billetes falsos

    As the bills pass through the equipment, The AB7100 also uses 5 methods to detect counterfeit bills during the counting operation. If a counterfeit is detected the unit will stop the count and alert the user with audible and visual notifications.  

    Counterfeit detection features include:

    • Ultraviolet (UV)
    • Magnetic Ink (MG)
    • Magnetic Thread (MT)
    • Infrared (IR)
    • Dimension Detection (DD)

    AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos PC Connection & ABCashroom Integration

    PC Connection & ABCashroom Integration

    With your purchase of the AB7100, you will have access to a free 15-day trial of the ABCashroom Pro, which will give you the ability to see a breakdown of counts in real-time, save each count, and export as a PDF and print. The AB7100 makes it easy and simple to connect to your PC via USB cable. By connecting the unit to your PC, you can then export all the details of each count using our ABCashroom Pro software application.

    When you’re ready to take it to the next level, simply purchase the full version of ABCashroom Pro. With this purchase, you can continue to leverage the features within the software application and have access to features that are constantly being introduced.

    • 5 counterfeit & security features: Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic Ink (MG), Magnetic Thread (MT), Infrared (IR) & Dimension Detection (DD)
    • 4 operating modes: Count, Mix, Sort, Local
    • Easy front loading value counter 
    • Counts & sorts mixed denominations of bills
    • Shows a detailed breakdown of final count results
    • Adding feature provides an automatic grand total of the current count
    • Visual and audible alerts when double bills, suspicious bill sizes, and chained bills are detected
    • Customizable batch selection
    • Automatic and manual start modes 
    • High-Resolution 3" full-color LCD display 
    • Large hopper capacity of 400 bills
    • Includes AccuClips which extends the hopper capacity up to 800 bills (included with purchase)
    • Variable counting speeds up to 1,200 bills per minute 
    • Recognizes and records serial numbers of bills
    • Compatible with AccuBANKER Thermal Printer for detailed receipts (Printer sold separately)
    • Preprogrammed Currencies: USD 
    • For reselling, wholesale, or bulk buyers contact us for information on additional programmable currencies
    • COUNT & LOCAL operating modes can be used for a simple bill count of other currencies that are not programed  
    • Compatible with paper & polymer bills  
    • Bill dimensions accepted: 3.94 x 1.97 - 6.7 x 3.15 in (10 x 5 - 17 x 8 cm)
    • Dual Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC 60/50 Hz 
    • Easy software update procedure for when new bills are released 
    • Contact Image Sensor (CIS) 
    • Includes: AccuClips & External Auxiliary Display 
    • PC Connection & integration with ABCashroom Pro applications 
    • Auto-diagnostic system procedure 
    • Saves time and labor costs
    • Reduces losses due to human error
    • Heavy-duty motor for daily use
    • Easy to use
    • Reliable and sturdy
    • CE Certified 
    • NOM Certified 

    AB7100 Valorizadora de Billetes Mixtos Features & Specifications

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Monica Sesco
    Ten Little Engines

    Fantastic machine! Saves me so much time! Would definitely recommend it!

    Maria Martinez

    Excelent service!

    Angel Vazquez

    a very useful machine for or demand business.


    This machine is great!
    It makes my job so much easier.
    I previously took my deposit to the bank and they always found mixed bills and counting errors.. No More!!

    Thank you for the review David! We're happy to hear that the AB7100 is helping make your job easier.

    - The AccuBANKER Team

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