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accubanker ms10 weight scale coin counter bill counter with coins
accubanker ms10 weight scale coin counter bill counter with cash

Bill and Coin Counter MS10

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AccuBANKER's Bill and Coin Counter is the all in-one solution for counting your coins and bills in retail environments. The all in-one system provides an accurate and quick way to count either coins (rolled or loose) or cash (strapped or loose) using a weight scale, which allows for quick and easy audits. An easy to read screen gives you quantities per coin/ bill, denominations, and totals. Compact and portable (battery not included), this weight counter is an invaluable aid anywhere coins and bills are accepted. Audits can be performed in less than one minute per cashdrawer. User can count up to 25 bills or 400 coins in seconds.

  • Counts rolled coins and strapped bills
  • Programmed for three different currencies: USD, EUR, CAD
  • Provides audit trail reducing cash shrink
  • Helps guard against theft at POS station
  • Decreases the time that cash is exposed
  • Helps identify repeat over and shorts
  • Portable and adjustable (battery not included)
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Print detailed reports
  • Allows for quick:
    • Cashier spot checks / audits
    • Till float preps
    • Float resets
    • End of shift/cashier closeouts
    • Deposits
  • Does not produce noise during counting process
  • UL Listed


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    VFW Post business made easier

    The operation of the financial activities of our VFW Post are made easier through the use of the accubanker system. Counting the receipt and transfer of bills and coins from the operation of our Canteen, the processing of the contributions and proceeds from community activities and all the other evolutions involving counting and accounting for monies is greatly simplified and streamlined with use of this device.