Portable Multi-Currency Detector D580


Counterfeit Detectors



Identify, detect, and count with the latest in multi-currency identification technology. This detector has the ability to identify currencies from multiple countries and display their values in multiple languages. The multi-orientation feature makes the D580 a user-friendly detector. An extremely easy and efficient machine, the D580 can immediately verify a banknote, its denomination, and its authenticity. The D580 counterfeit detector is equipped with a plethora of detection functions such as magnetic ink detection, Infrared detection, ultraviolet detection, and size detection functions.

  • Reduces Counterfeit Losses
  • Multi-orientation feeding system
  • Immediate Banknote Verification
  • Multi Detection (MG/ IR/ UV/ Image/ Spectrum/ Length )
  • Automatic Loading
  • Multi-Currency / Multi-Language Detection
  • Automatic Addition Function
  • Reporting and Printing Functions
  • Software Upgradeable



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