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Seamless Integration With MS7000 Audit Scale

Wireless connectivity from the MS7000 to the ABAudit software makes integration painless and hassle-free. As soon as you’ve finished recording your counts on the MS7000, hit the “Export” button to see your data reflected in the ABAudit software instantly.

Automate and Consolidate With Ease

Organize historical data of all your counts stored. Customize reports based on selected filters. For Closeouts, sort and filter your data by date, assigned manager, assigned cashier, assigned register, and more. Visual charts help illustrate discrepancies in totals vs. over/shorts.

Print and Export Your Data

Print reports at your convenience. Save reports to your computer effortlessly in either PDF or CSV format. 

System Requirements

  • Free disk space: 250 MB
  • Memory: 250 MB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Resolution: 1100x700
  • Network connection: Wifi


Product Support

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