Counterfeit Detectors

AccuBANKER offers a variety of counterfeit detectors to help you increase profit while reducing loss due to false currency. Our manual counterfeit detectors are equipped with ultraviolet detection, watermark detection, magnetic detection, and micro printing magnification. Our automatic self-feeding counterfeit detectors eliminate the need to visually inspect the bills.

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best for Small Stores

Counterfeit Money Detector (UV) (Back-Ordered)

Are counterfeits having negative effect on your Profit and Loss? This professional ultraviolet money detector will give you the edge you need.


Counterfeit Money Detector (UV/WM)

Reduce counterfeit losses! Protect hard earned cash with this dual compact counterfeit detection system. Check for counterfeit banknotes using ultraviolet and watermark detections systems.


Counterfeit Money Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP)

Stop the counterfeiter from affecting your business! Protect hard earned cash with this quad counterfeit detection system.


Banker Pro Counterfeit Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP) (Back-Ordered)

Are counterfeits affecting your bottom line? Scan your cash with this simultaneous quad counterfeit detector featuring an enlarged magnifying glass.

POS Safe

AccuBANKER's Drop Safe S200 makes storing high denomination currency secure and efficient. The drop safe can be easily mounted onto any POS station and includes a locking feature, allowing only those designated to open it.

best for Large Stores
Bleached Bills Auto Detector

Stop worrying about counterfeits with this fully automatic banknote verification system. Its self-feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect the note. Currency: U.S. dollar.

Super Dollar Authenticator (Back-Ordered)

Compact, accurate and user friendly, the D500 is capable of discriminating between multiple denominations, while detecting illustrations, infrared and magnetic security features.

best for Financials
Tower Counterfeit Detection System

The “ultimate” in counterfeit detection, the Tower helps check for counterfeit bills using a revolutionary infrared technology in addition to five traditional counterfeit detection systems.

Pro Authenticator Multi-Currency Detector

Identify, detect, and count with the latest in multi-currency identification technology. The D580 is capable of discriminating between multiple denominations, while using 5-point banknote security technology to verify the authenticity of bills.

All our counterfeit detectors are compact. We offer counterfeit detectors that are suitable for small businesses and retail, large stores and corporations, and financial institutions. All our counterfeit detectors include a free three year warranty as well as our 30 day money back guarantee. Our detectors essentially pay for themselves the moment they detect a false bill, saving your company money and time as well as establishing secure and reliable transactions.