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AccuBANKER has a variety of money counters suitable for any financial task. Our money counters range from single bill counters to multiple denomination counters with extensive counterfeit detection features including ultraviolet, infrared, and magnetic detection. Our money counters are suitable for any business or institution including retail, hospitality, government, and financial.

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best for Small Stores
Commercial Bill Counter

Are you tired of counting bills and rechecking them every time? Look no further, speed, reliability and accuracy make this money counter the perfect choice for the small to medium sized business.

best for Large Stores
Commercial Digital Bill Counter

This "next generation" bill counter counts at higher speeds, boasts a sleeker design and incorporates an emergency stop feature and auxiliary screen for a safe, accurate and fast cash counting process.

Cash Teller

This AccuBANKER bill counter boasts a streamline design. This affordable front-loading bill counter performs an accurate and fast cash counting process. Additionally, the AB4000 series incorporates the emergency stop.

Bank Teller Counter

This is AccuBANKER’s professional grade counting and counterfeit detection unit. The AB5200 will meet all of your cash handling needs.

best for Financials
Value Extension Bill Counter

Featuring the value extension function, the AB5500 is our most advanced bill counter. Boasting variable counting speeds, and report printing capabilities, the AB5500 is perfect for any mid to large size business.

Mixed Bill Value Counter

Featuring the value function, the AB7000 is our most advanced bill counter. Boasting variable counting speeds, the AB7000 is able to count the face value of the bill.

Each money counter includes a free three year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee, and industrial strength motors. All our money counters offer a sleek design and are compact enough to fit virtually anywhere. Our money counters are ideal for any currency be it the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Brazilian real, the Mexican peso, and many more.